Thursday , 19 July 2018
Trade between Non-muslim Investers

Trade between Non-muslim Investers

In the name of Almighty Allah.
Question: Transacting with Non-Muslim who has no belief in Allah.
That, a Muslim will purchase a item and payment will be made by a non-muslim,Kafir.
That, the Muslim person knows that the other person is dealing with Bank loans and interests.
That, a fix charges or commission will be paid to for each purchase.
Purchasing will be on Credit, for One or more months and in case of delay in payment, contract will be void and charges,commission will be calculated newly.
What difference it makes when we buy a Car form Toyota on cash and we never think that Toyota Company itself is based on Bank loans.
Kindly let me know if the above case is lawful and 100% Halal.
I would like to state further from my own idea and knowledge;
That, I am in-directly involved in Bank loans .
That, I am escaping form Riba but it may be a technique using a Non-muslim for my own benefits.
That, the money I will earn will be generated from a Haram route.
That, to transact with someone, is it necessary to check his wealth and source of income.
I will be very much grateful if you publish my question in detail and reply me with authentic records.
Thanking you,
Muhammad Ishaq,Canada


Asssalaamu Alaikum
We appreciate your concern. May Allah Ta'ala reward you for the good fervor.
In as far as trading with non-Muslims is concerned, the jurists have explained that we are not liable and responsible for their source of funds, except in the case where it is acquired through theft or dishonest means.
It is common knowledge that the non-Muslims acquire a good portion of their income from means which do not conform to the Shariah. If we had to take this into account and consider it impermissible to deal with the non-Muslims in totality, this will create a great amount of difficulty. In the light of the various angles, the jurists have mentioned that we may interact and trade with non-Muslims provided that the deal itself conforms to the Shariah. The fact that they may be paying by way of such money which were acquired through means which do not conform to the Shariah, that will not prohibit such a transaction.
If the deal between the Muslim and the non-Muslim is of such a nature that there are Haraam  elements, for example a penalty clause and interest paid on overdue amount, then the transaction will not be correct.
Each transaction will have to be dealt with its merits to see that it conforms to the Shariah.
And Allah Ta'ala knows best.