Saturday , 16 February 2019


اٍُلسّلاٍْمّےُعًلٍّيكْم وًٍرحٍمْـُﮧاللّـﮧوًبٍرّكًاٍتُـٍّﮧ
Moulana which tawaaf is sunnah to perform ? How many people can one make intention for when making tawaaf ?




Assalaamu alaykum
1. Tawaaful Qudoom is sunnah. This applies to Hajj.
For one going for Umrah, beside the Umrah itself, one should make as many nafl tawaaf as possible, according to one's ability.
2.  I assume you are asking regarding the intention one may make to convey the reward of tawaaf to others. If that be so, the intention can be unlimited, and one may make tawaaf for as many persons as one wishes.
And Allah Ta'ala knows best
Was salaam
Emraan Vawda