Thursday , 19 July 2018
Salaatul Istisqaa

Salaatul Istisqaa

Assalaamu Alaikum
Is it permissible or advisable to perform salaatul istisqaa after the jumu’ah Salaat? Outside the Masjid.



Wa alaykum salam
  It is permissible. However, the advisable method would be for the men to go out to the outskirts of the town or city specifically for the purpose of Istisqaa.  
And Allah Ta’ala knows best
Was salaam
Emraan Vawda
At times when there is a severe shortage of water and people do not have enough water to sustain their basic needs of life,there is a special Salaah to be performed which is called Salaatul Istisqaa. Imaams in afflicted areas should facilitate the performance of Salaatul Istisqaa. The method of performing this Salaah is for the Imaam to lead the people to the outskirts of the town for this Salaah.In places where this is not possible,the Masjid will suffice.They should be dressed in a most humble manner and preferably in the state of fasting, walk towards the place of Salaah,showing their need forAllah’s help. The Imaam will lead the congregation in two Rakaats of Salaatul Istisqaa with audible Qiraat . The Imaam will then deliver two Khutbahs facing the congregation standing on the floor and not on the mimbar. After the Khutbahs, the Imaam will turn around and face the Qiblah. He will invert his upper garment and commence Dua standing while the congregation makes Dua sitting. May Allah Ta’ala remove our hardships and bless us with abundant and beneficial rain. It is Mustahab that this Salaah be performed consecutively for 3 days and Sadaqah be given before leaving for the Salaah.
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