Tuesday , 20 November 2018

Marriage and Divorce

Does talaq take place?


salaam alaykm, my question is; In August, a husband suspects his wife is communicating with ghair mahram and so he says to his wife “Don’t do that to me, if you ever do then we’re over”. Now the husband has found out that the wife has been communicating with ghair mahram in September – October, then has a talaq taken ... Read More »

Is this a reason for divorce

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Dear bothers, Can you please provide me some highlights to find the better solution, which will not be against our religion. My wife and I are married since 4 years, and we do have a child of 3 years old el hamdoullah . El hamdoullah i have done my pilgrimage and both of us do salat. I am trying to ... Read More »

Conditional Divorce


Please reply me soon on the below issue as I don’t know what to do. My sister and brother in laws abuse me very badly so I told my husband that I won’t cook food for them than my husband said that if u won’t cook food for them then I have also one condition that u have to leave ... Read More »

Marrying a girl of my choice

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Assalaamu Alaikum A year back i was attracted to a girl ,we started talking on general basis and when i told my parents to get me married to her they have stopped talking to me and excluded me and divided the house and wealth among other siblings by giving them gifts. the only reason they give for not marrying her ... Read More »

Marriage in College


Salamualaikum. Im a young man in my second last year of college. i wish to get engaged by the end of this year and hopefully inshallah married by the end of my final year. The reason i wish to get it done early is because i live in a European country and temptations here are huge. my question is: do ... Read More »


Islamic Buildings Wallpapers

السلام عليكم Does a girl have a right to demand mehr fatimi? What does shariah say regarding this?   Read More »

Query on Divorce


I am married with 2 kids, my husband left us a few months ago but has not given me Talaaq, he refuses to give me talaaq yet tells other people we are divorced and has ignored all attempts from me to make the marriage work including counselling. He has not made aqeeqah for our 2nd child who is 3 months ... Read More »

Validity of Nikaah


Slmz A niece made nikaah without any of her family knowing, not her dad, nor her brother. Her witness’s were her husband’s grandfather and 2 cousins of the husband. Is this nikaah valid? Even though she has a father and adult brother.. Wslm         Read More »



السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَركَاتُه There is a muslim boy that got married to a black girl a year ago and have kids also. The black girl has accepted Islam but now the boy says that her parents want labola and she wants a traditional wedding. Is this acceptable in Islam? What must he do ? All his earning goes ... Read More »