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Marriage and Divorce

Does Talaaq take place

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Assalaamu alaikum Respected mufti saheb Please clarify the following: If a man says to his wife ‘you are free to go’ or ‘you are free to go whenever you want’ when referring to her being bound by marriage, does talaaq take place? Also, do the words ‘get out’, ‘pack your things and go’ etc without niyyah of talaaq constitute a ... Read More »

Medical condition caused issues in marriage which led to talaq.


Asalamu aleykum, I have a question converning 3 talaq. My husband gave me three talaq on diffrent occasions. All the three times he uttered divorce was because he was not normally mad, but very furious. In those times we would fight alot and even hit each other. I would insult him and at times i would yell to him to ... Read More »

Divorce or no


As salamu alekum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu. I’m a european girl, from Romania. I’m 22 years old and I reverted to islam 4 years ago, al hamdulillah. I met a Muslim boy at work, 30 years old, married with a child for 2 years. His marriage is very unhappy, has not had a sexual relationship with his wife for at ... Read More »



Assalamu’alaikum , im a convert to Islam 10 years ago, i was married for 5 years. i hve 2 sons. i left usa and lived with husband in india for 3 years. i was very unhappy in the marriage. several times i made clear i wanted khula & told my husband i want to khula & not be with him ... Read More »

searching marriage partner Online


Asselamu alaikum dear brothers & sisters, One of my brothers want to open online nikah website. That is each party post on the website what quality & personality he/she has and what he/she needs from the other partner. That is, my brother plans to make nikah needing brothers & sisters to post details about themselves & criteria of wife/husband they ... Read More »

Am I allowed to marry a muslim woman as a converted muslim


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I wanted to ask for guidance in the following matter, I am a converted christian and became a muslim about one year ago. I live my life according to the pillars of the Islam and the Qur’an. I also started to learn arabic to be able to read the Qur’an properly. Progess is slow ... Read More »



Assalamalikum, I moved from Pakistan to United States 3 years ago after getting married. I have 7 month old son from my husband. Before I got married I covered my head but not at every place. But now I want to cover it as it is mandatory in Islam. But my husband won’t let me to do. Whenever I ask ... Read More »

Does talaq take place?


salaam alaykm, my question is; In August, a husband suspects his wife is communicating with ghair mahram and so he says to his wife “Don’t do that to me, if you ever do then we’re over”. Now the husband has found out that the wife has been communicating with ghair mahram in September – October, then has a talaq taken ... Read More »

Is this a reason for divorce

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Dear bothers, Can you please provide me some highlights to find the better solution, which will not be against our religion. My wife and I are married since 4 years, and we do have a child of 3 years old el hamdoullah . El hamdoullah i have done my pilgrimage and both of us do salat. I am trying to ... Read More »

Conditional Divorce


Please reply me soon on the below issue as I don’t know what to do. My sister and brother in laws abuse me very badly so I told my husband that I won’t cook food for them than my husband said that if u won’t cook food for them then I have also one condition that u have to leave ... Read More »