Wednesday , 21 November 2018

Hajj and Umrah

Hajj using halal money for a person that dwells in Ribah


Assalamu’alaikum. I have some fixed deposits, which accrues some interest. Now if I perform Hajj/Umrah from the halal money i.e., not earned from the interest, will it be accepted? I ask this, because I heard that the prayers of the one who deals with Ribah are not accepted. I’d also like to know if my other prayers, i.e., Salah, Fasting ... Read More »

Qasr salaah while on Haj

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As salaamu alaikum Respected Mufti Saheb Insha Allah, I will be leaving for Haj. I will be staying in Makka for 15 days, and in Azeezia for 10 days. Will I be musaafir in Azeezia? And during the days of Haj, will I be Musaafir in Mina,Arafaat and Muzdalifa?     Read More »

Validity of Umrah


Slmz My grandparents are gone for umrah, they were suppose to go to Turkey first and then Makkah, but due to some complications they didn’t go to Turkey and they were sent straight to Makkah, they had to wear ihraam from Jiddah airport, is the umrah accepted or do they have to give dhum?       Read More »

Layered hair


اٍُلسّلاٍْمّےُعًلٍّيكْم وًٍرحٍمْـُﮧاللّـﮧوًبٍرّكًاٍتُـٍّﮧ If a womans hair is in layers and she makes umrah , how must she then cut her hair ? Every layer or  just at the bottom جـَــــزاكـُــــم الـــلّــه خـَـــــيرًا       Read More »


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اٍُلسّلاٍْمّےُعًلٍّيكْم وًٍرحٍمْـُﮧاللّـﮧوًبٍرّكًاٍتُـٍّﮧ . If a woman has eczema , is she allowed to apply sunblock during the days of hajj ?     Read More »



اٍُلسّلاٍْمّےُعًلٍّيكْم وًٍرحٍمْـُﮧاللّـﮧوًبٍرّكًاٍتُـٍّﮧ Moulana which tawaaf is sunnah to perform ? How many people can one make intention for when making tawaaf ?     Read More »

Sign of acceptance?


اٍُلسّلاٍْمّےُعًلٍّيكْم وًٍرحٍمْـُﮧاللّـﮧوًبٍرّكًاٍتُـٍّﮧ Moulana is there any authenticity in saying that when a person goes for hajj or umrah and gets sick its a sign of acceptance?         Read More »

Haj during Iddah


As salamu alaikum Will a lady be allowed to go for haj if at the time of leaving she still has 2 weeks left for her iddah she is mutwaffa anha zojahaa and in financial problems. being sponsored for haj by her uncle?       Read More »