Saturday , 16 February 2019


Sajda e Sahw of Missed Rakaats


As Salaamu Alaykum Mufti Saab, Should one miss a rakaat of the fardh salaah behind the imaam, and when completing the missed rakaah one makes a mistake, should sajda sahwa be performed? If it is not necessary to perform sajda and one has done this should the salaah be repeated? JazaakAllah Read More »

Insurance and Medical Aid


Assalaamu allaykum Duas mufti saheb is well. I have 2 questions. 1. With the current state of south african hospitals is medical aid allowed. Or minimum hospital plan. With the grace of Allah i have no medical issues. The question arises due to the fact in an emergency what does one do if one can not afford private hospital fees. ... Read More »

Short Sleeve Kurta


Assalaamu allaykum mufti saheb. Duas you are well. I have been living in Durban for around 2 and half years now and still haven’t adjusted to the weather. I feel extremely hot and get very agitated in long sleeves. My question is the ruling when it comes to salaah, generally i wear long kurtas but have to keep my sleeves ... Read More »

Am I eligible to receive Zakaat


Assalaamu alaikum wrwb Respected Mufti saheb Some family members have moved to a new town and are struggling to start up a business. At the moment, their debts are substantially more than the money they have, to the extent that they only have a little savings left for rent for a month or 2. Is it permissible to use zakaat ... Read More »

Eating with two fingers


Respected mufti Did nabi saw ever eat with 2 fingers only? Is it permissable to eat with 2 fingers: the thumb and forefinger Shukran Read More »

Breaking of Fast due to heat


As Salaamu Alaykum I hope muftisaab is well. During Ramadaan, whilst fasting my husband had to do a work-related day trip. Due to the heat and not being able to manage, he broke his fast. Does this constitute intentionally breaking a fast, for which Kaffarah is due? Or is this a fast that just Qadha needs to be made of? ... Read More »

Increasing Charge due to late payment


Assalaamu allaykum. Duas Mufti Saheb is well. Is it jaiz to charge a customer a higher price than normal due to the fact that payment terms are being provided and he takes longer than the stipulated time to pay. Bearing in mind the price is fixed before the transaction and the extra amount is “not” added at a later stage. ... Read More »

Use of Tampons


I hope that Mufti-saheb is in good health, insha-Allah. Please could you advise on the following. Is it permissible for a woman to use tampons during her haidh or is it not permissible to use because it prevents the blood from flowing out of the body? Are menstrual cups permissible to use? Here too, the blood is collected and it ... Read More »

Reciting Quran whilst in Haidh


As Salaamu Alaykum Can a woman read Qur’an without touching the pages while in haidh? My friend from Mozambique sent this message to verify if it is correct. Down below is the other half message that was sent It is the ruling for the students by the scholars. I will help her to turn the pages In Shaa Allah. Please ... Read More »



As salaamu alaykum   A person bought a car and it was financed by the bank. He also took out an insurance for the car because it was a requirement from the bank. After a period of time he met in an accident with the car that was financed by the bank. The accident was not his fault and the ... Read More »