Tuesday , 20 November 2018


Does talaq take place?


salaam alaykm, my question is; In August, a husband suspects his wife is communicating with ghair mahram and so he says to his wife “Don’t do that to me, if you ever do then we’re over”. Now the husband has found out that the wife has been communicating with ghair mahram in September – October, then has a talaq taken ... Read More »



Assalamu alaykum, so these photos I’m in half of my face is in which means only one eye is in the shot- does this mean I have to delete these photos even though my intention was not to do anything evil? If it isn’t too hard for you could you keep this off the site so only Allah me and ... Read More »

Is this a reason for divorce

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Dear bothers, Can you please provide me some highlights to find the better solution, which will not be against our religion. My wife and I are married since 4 years, and we do have a child of 3 years old el hamdoullah . El hamdoullah i have done my pilgrimage and both of us do salat. I am trying to ... Read More »

insurance company paying client from the recovered money


zaid bought a car and it was financed by the bank.he also took out an insurance for the car because it was a requirement from the bank.after a period of time he met in an accident with the car that was financed by the bank.the accident was not his fault.the insurance company declared the car to be a write off.they ... Read More »

Ruling on Tauba ?


Aslam o Alikum, I am 30 years old person and I am doing a Job in other country. I have not been into the Ibadaat for so long and may have committed too much sins. Suddenly I came to know that I have some kind of tumor in my body. I am not afraid of death but what fears me ... Read More »



Assalamualaikum! My husband bought a house with mortgage, loan with riba, against my will. I had some saved money before marriage and he pressed me to add them to the money that he had to buy the house. He took 40 pro cent of the apartment price in loan and the rest we had it, partly me and partly him. ... Read More »

Phrases in the Bible


As-Salamu alaykum shaikh. I have one question which makes me afraid to ask but I have waswasa concerning this so I need your answer. As young I read the Bible because school. As I saw in many places in Bible were used words such are “son”, “daugther”, “children” of God in metaphorical meaning (in meaning good persons – slaves of ... Read More »

Is this job halal?


لديَّ قناة على موقع اليوتيوب، أضع بها أفلامًا وثائقية مسجلة من التلفاز من قنوات تلفزيونية مختلفة، وأربح المال من الاعلانات التى تظهر اثناء مشاهدة تلك الافلام، وهناك نقطتان: 1- لا أملك حقوق النشر، أنا فقط أنقلها وأعيد نشرها ولم أستأذن من القناة التليفزيونية او المنتج. 2- اليوتيوب يشترط امتلاك حقوق النشر للربح من الفيديوهات ولكن لا يطبق ذلك ويسمح بنشر ... Read More »

Position of feet in salah


Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh, sometimes when praying salah my feet are nptbpointing the right way by accident or they are not parallel so one is pointing towards the Qiblah and one isn’t or one is slightly more forward than the the other. Does this invalidate salah and do I have to pray the salah again? Read More »

Only saying assalamu alaikum


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh is it haram to just say assalamu alaikum and not Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh? And is it haram to shorten Assalamu alaikum to ASA which stands for assalmu alaikum when texting? Read More »