Thursday , 21 March 2019
1 question about smiling and another about sleeves on hijab and pants

1 question about smiling and another about sleeves on hijab and pants

Assalamu ‘alaykume

1) Is smiling reasonably (without looking into the eyes) haram towards non mahram men? I only smile to not appear rude and I never smile fully with all my heart.

2) I wear very loose clothing and I observe the hijab.

How loose must sleeves be? I know they cannot cling to the arms (like spandex material) but can they be basic long sleeves that are medium size (not clingy to skin but not oversized)? Or must they be completely oversized (like hoodie jackets or a small sized woman wearing an XL shirt)?

I also wear very loose pants where the shape doesn’t show but when I walk, the fabric may cling to my legs sometimes (especially if windy day) or when I walk, the parting of my legs shows (because they are pants) Is this haram?

Sorry if these are silly, I just have a hard time shopping and I am a student, also hoping to work in the future in sha’a Allah.

Jazakum Allahu khayrun


Walaykumus salaam 1. It is not permissible to smile at a non-mahram male. One can be polite without smiling. If one's    demeanor shows concern and respect , people will not interpret the absence of a smile to be rude. 2. The clothing should be such that they do not reveal the shape of the body. At times a person may be in such postures in public which may cause  the shape of the body to be revealed, for example if one bends down to pick something up. In such circumstances one should ensure that  the outer garment is so loose that even in such positions the body is not revealed. If a lady develops hayaa (modesty), she herself will always be concerned that her body or the shape thereof  is not revealed in any way. That itself will guide her and she will not require any formal fatwa to determine what is correct. These questions are pertinent and  are not silly.